What is One Way 2 Play?

What is One Way 2 Play?

Reggie Dabbs says, “You can't change your past, but you can change your future.” Reggie and his family have dedicated their lives to helping today's youth by speaking for the One Way 2 Play Drug Free School Assembly program. He believes, “Today's generation is facing unparalleled hurts, pressures and choices. If we can heal those hurts, help in times of pressure and equip students in their choices, we will have better students and a positive school atmosphere.”

One Way 2 Play is a systematic program developed to confront the problem of drug use among students by instilling values, encouraging goal-setting and establishing accountability through positive peer pressure. One Way 2 Play brings a unique assembly to area high schools for the purpose of promoting a drug and alcohol free school environment. OW2P is an effective program because professional athletes and world renowned speakers to deliver the message.

Today's youth idolize professional athletes and celebrities and listen to what they have to say. Professional athletes such as Steve Fitzhugh, a former NFL Denver Bronco speak from personal experience emphasizing the importance not going with the flow because “any dead fish can do that.” OW2P presenters use their own gripping testimonies and brutal honesty to touch kids and influence their decisions to avoid participating in destructive behaviors. These assemblies involve audience participation and according to high school principals and guidance counselors, they reach students in ways that other anti-drug programs do not.

The One Way 2 Play Drug Free! Assembly program as presented by national renown speakers Steve Fitzhugh (former Denver Bronco) and Reggie Dabbs (motivational speaker), are relevant, engaging and challenging. Guidance counselors have noted an increase in the number of students that come into their offices to discuss matters related to something Reggie or Steve have spoken about. This shows that the message is sinking in and touching these youth causing them to carefully evaluate the decisions they are making.

The South Jersey area has been fortunate to have both of these dynamic speakers in our schools. Hosting One Way 2 Play assemblies though involves cost. Due to current school budget crises in the state, financial support from outside sources will be necessary in order to make it possible to hold assemblies in many schools.

Steve Fitzhugh is scheduled to be in our area this November. Through the One Way 2 Play 10K, Co-ed Relay, and Fun Walk, businesses and individuals can partner with Fellowship of Christian Athletes making it possible for Steve to deliver the OW2P message to as many schools in South Jersey as possible.

There are many ways you can help. Join the cause by:

  • becoming a business sponsor
  • enter to run the 10K or the Co-ed Relay
  • participate in the Fun Walk

Make your run count more by collecting pledges or donations for OW2P.

Here is what some schools had to say about the OW2P Assembly & Steve Fitzhugh:

“Our students were amused by his humor, touched by his personal experience, and moved by his concern and seriousness towards issues that confront teenagers each and every day.”

Scott Bacon, Principal, Blue Valley High School, Kansas

“We have very rarely had the kind of response from our students as we experienced after your presentation today. You obviously know exactly how to cut through to their hearts and minds and touch them in ways so difficult for most of us.”

Jacqueline Wilson, Principal, Clover Hill High School, Virginia

“Talk about Steve's presentation rang through the halls the entire afternoon.”

Terrance Meade, Freshman Principal,
Bonnie Geer, Sophomore Principal, Fairfax County Public Schools